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My Story

  A little bit about me  

Jennifer Cicero is an author, educator, founder of LJMM Press, classical musician and mom of four boys. Published in education journals, as a lifestyle blogger for, and as a poet, she can be found reading fiction and children’s literature, learning a new instrument, or embarking on outdoor adventures and nature walks with her family in her spare time.

As a mom of four boys including a set of identical twins, everyone who has met me would say a variation on a few main one-liners: “Are they all yours?”, “God bless you!”, and “You should start a YouTube channel!”, to which I would reply, “Yup!”, “He sure did!”, and “Who has time for that?”, in that order. While I understood my life may be unique or at the very least “different” to those looking in, I had zero extra time to try to translate the fun, chaos, joy and struggles that my family experienced, nor did I have the urge to share my thoughts while in the thick of the toddler years.

Looking back, however, I recognized that the stories that make my family interesting are stories I think other moms and families can relate to and enjoy - and I feel laughter and tears go hand in hand, and can be experienced simultaneously. When I started to write poetry about my sons and moments we’ve shared (good and bad), I realized that these stories are not just for my boys, but for your kids too. The lessons my sons have taught me, and that I am still learning from motherhood and teaching, are reflected in my books. Each story represents real-life events and emotions we have been through together, and aims to encourage readers to lead with strength and kindness.

I sincerely hope you and your children experience the warmth and love these books are written with, and gain confidence in the beautiful traits our children are already born with, maybe even uncovering more of their own strengths by seeing themselves reflected in the characters I create.


 - Jennie

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